Ladies Wedge Heels / Ladies Wedges

Ladies Wedges / Wedge Heels

Where would we be without the infamous wedge? Wedges are much more stable than a stiletto or high heel. Wedge Heels also offer more arch support and therefore will reduce foot and ankle problems. Pretty darn great, right? Right.

So let’s delve a little deeper in to the world of wedges.

Ladies wedges began life in the early 1930s. A leather and rubber shortage forced designers to get creative with their materials. The Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo is named as the father of the wedge heel. Typically wedges were either made using cork or wood however cork became vastly more popular as it was a much lighter option.

During World War II the popularity of the wedge sky rocketed as leather and rubber were needed for the war effort. The popular trend within fashion was to add height and so wedges were a shoe in.

Demand for the wedge has been a popularity roller-coaster with regular peaks and troughs. It wasn’t until the early 1970s that wedges reappeared in our wardrobes. The Disco scene revived the style and designs became louder and more vibrant. Prior to this wedges had strictly been a women’s product however the 70s opened the door to men’s wedges too!

Another lull in demand followed before the 90s came a knocking. Girl Power teamed up with the wedge and became an unstoppable force. Wedges were back on top. Their status remained pretty steady right up to the mid 2000s where cork wrapped in rope was the trend of the moment. Flip-flop wedges also made an appearance acting as a neat compromise between the strap and the ankle wrap wedge.


Types of Wedges

Rope Wedge

Rope wedges are probably one of the most iconic styles of wedges and certainly the style I picture when wedges are mentioned. The Bata Brown Rope Wedge is a stunning example of this. It features an espadrille style sole unit and diamante straps.

Peep Toe Wedge

Wedge shoes are largely a more casual option so it is always a bonus if you find a wedge shoe that has an air of versatility. Peep toe shoes often add a hint of sophistication to proceedings and the Black Patent Peep Toe is a superb example of this. The patent leather and bow tassel give this shoe an air of class whilst the wedge heel will keep you secure and sturdy underfoot.


Wedge Ankle Boots

I love Ankle Boots. I love Wedge Heels. I love Lamp. So when Ankle Boots are right up my street and here at ShoesDays we have a b-e-a-utiful collection. Wedge Ankle boots are a great little casual number. Boots like the Carlton Black High Heel are a real statement piece whereas Wedge Ankle Boots can be less obvious, like this Concealed Wedge from Dolcis. Have a look through all our Wedge Ankle Boots here.


Knee High Wedge Boots
If you’re after a Wedge Boot that will be a real conversation piece then look no further than Knee High Wedge Boots. Great for a night out or strutting your stuff around town knee high wedges have all the benefits of a regular knee high boot plus the steadiness underfoot of a casual wedge.


You can view all our Wedge options by clicking on this big pretty picture below...


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