10 Essential Items For Surviving The Festival Weekend April 02 2015

One of the staples of the British summer time is the music festival scene. Each year, thousands of music lovers descend upon fields in the UK in order to seek out the best live acts and to escape the humdrum of day to day life.

If you’re new to the festival circuit, preparing yourself for the weekend ahead can be a tricky affair. You want to pack as practicality as possible. Packing your most stylish clothing and shoes will more than likely be a recipe for disaster, and whilst your friends are out having a truly mind-blowing experience, you will probably be reduced to sulking in your tent, rueing your decision to bring only flip-flops instead of the hardy boots that you should have packed.

In order to prevent such a festival nightmare, Shoesdays have come up with 10 festival footwear and clothing essentials, along with some other handy items that should be in your rucksack before you head out the door.

1.    Strong, Comfy Footwear For the Arena

For the most part, your festival experience will be spent on your feet either stood around watching live acts, or walking from the arena to the campsite and vice-versa. It is imperative therefore that you bring strong footwear. Sturdy boots might not sound the most stylish thing to wear with your cut off denim hotpants (depending on your style choices) but they are the practical choice… your super-lightweight strappy sandals, maybe not so much! 

That said however, sandals can make for a comfy option for chilling out in the campsite after hours.

In dryer weather, lace-up pumps and trainers also work well for walking around a field all day, as they’re comfortable and lightweight, without leaving your toes exposed.




2.    Clean Socks Are A Lifesaver For Feet!

Whilst the thought of letting your feet go au-naturel in the blistering mid-summer heat might appeal, it isn’t just the heat that will be blistering if you go through with the idea! Packing plenty of clean socks and changing them often (at the VERY least once a day) can help to reduce the effect of shoes rubbing due to sweating feet.

3.    Pack Wellies (Just In Case)

Whilst it maybe the height of summer, always bear in mind that we live in Britain and the summer weather is unpredictable at best! Remember those classic images of the Glastonbury mud baths? That’s what happens when 50,000 plus people walk over a field after a torrential downpour! Taking a decent pair of wellies is always a sound idea, as trudging around with wet feet all weekend is unpleasant at best and unhealthy for your feet at worst.

4.    Keep Your Head Covered In The Sun

Hats are important for keeping the sun off of your head in the hottest part of the day. The wider the brim the better, as this will help protect the tops of your ears and the back of your neck too (areas commonly missed when applying sun cream).
Hats are also a great way to accessorise and they can complement and complete many a festival outfit.

Note: Remember to ALWAYS pack sun cream. Try to seek shade if the sun starts to beat down too harshly, as sun stroke is NOT a good way to end your festival experience!

5.    A Thick Hoodie Is Your Best Friend

It may be summer, but once the sun goes down it’s going to get chilly. Making sure you have at least one warm hoodie or sweatshirt is going to make evenings sat around the campsite a pleasant experience, as opposed to a teeth chattering, shiver-fest!

6.    Layered Outfits

Your clothing choices should cater for as many variations in weather as possible (within reason). A couple of loose fitting t-shirts or

vest tops are great for keeping cool in the heat of the day, and, if things do turn a little chillier, a long-sleeved flannel or brushed cotton shirt is ideal for keeping warm. They can even be tied around your waist when not in use.

Remember this is a festival not a catwalk. Whilst you can totally rock your new bohemian tie-dye vest top. Heading into the arena with your finest dry-clean only jacket is only going to end badly. Be sensible, leave expensive items of clothing at home.

7.    Shorts Are Good For All Weather

Your cut-off denim shorts (or a skirt) is preferable to jeans in the arena. In the heat they’ll keep you cool and, if the heavens do open, they won’t soak up water at the bottoms, like their longer-legged counterparts tend to do. There’s nothing worse at a festival than having to walk around in soggy denim that has begun to rub the inside of your knees!

8.    Take A Sturdy, Sensible Day Bag

Carrying all of your personal items around the whole of the day is going to be a real drag if you don’t have somewhere secure to store it. A sturdy shoulder bag or backpack (for the more utility orientated) is ideal when you need to store shed clothing layers, or your friend’s purse, when she wants to get into the thick of the action.

9.    Dry Shampoo & Hand Sanitizer

Most basic hygiene tends to go out of the window at festivals. It’s a fact that you’re going to have to get to grips with. However if you’re not quite ready to start rolling around in the mud with the rest of the free-spirited hippies (seriously though, where’s your sense of adventure!) then dry shampoo is great for keeping your tresses in good condition when you don’t have access to a shower.

A small bottle of hand sanitizer is the perfect size for keeping in your pocket or bag, ideal for when the dreaded festivals porta-loos run out.

10.    Waterproof!

We really can’t stress this one enough! If you don’t pack a waterproof jacket or poncho, you can guarantee that the predicted dry, sunny spells, will never materialise! You’ll spend the entire weekend either looking like a drowned rat or sat in your tent utterly miserable. Neither of which is going to be a great festival experience.

So there you have it. Ten essential festival items that any keen festival goer shouldn’t be without. What do you think? Do you agree with our list?