The Kitten Heel December 27 2013

Kitten heel

The kitten heels were born in the 1950’s and who better to bring the feline named heel to the fore front then the film and fashion icon of her time the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. The shorter of the ‘stiletto sisters’ stands approx one to two inches in comparison to her older sibling who can tower beyond 5 niches. 

The kitten heel was initially designed for younger girls, also known as ‘training shoes’. The effervescent youth kicking at the doors of adulthood learning to strut their stuff in ‘kittens’ before they were ready to take the step up to tackle the killer heels.

In the swinging sixties the ‘kitten heels’ became fashionable for all ages however the seventies had other ideas #platforms. The kitten heels managed to purr their way back holding its position strong in current fashion. I for one am a kitten heel fan and hope its recent presence is not mealy a fad.    

Long live the middle of the road shoe, there is a place for this in-betweener, yes it’s not a stiletto or a flat but the ‘kitten heel’ defines itself and does not walk in another shoes shadow.