Our Latest Obsession May 12 2016

Our Latest Obsession


Lace up sandals are a style we just can’t get enough of at the moment and our Xena block heels fall into the category of ‘want’ ‘need’ and ‘love’. We all *have* to have a pair in our wardrobe, or if you’re lucky enough, have all colours in your shoe-drobe.


Black is the one true colour that goes with everything.

If you are on a night out then these would be perfect with a cute skirt.

black xena block heel lace up sandals


Would they go with a pair of jeans?

Of course! Style them by tying the laces up your leg or tuck them in. Either way they will complete that outfit on a date night with the bestie.

Nude is always a popular colour and definitely the choice here at Shoesdays. Pair them up with a skirt and your legs will feel elongated and classy, especially when wrapping those ghillie laces up. Worst case scenario: wear these with a pair of boyfriend jeans too (where there’s a will…)


nude xena lace up block heel sandals






Lace up sandals are thought to have originated from the Roman Era and we’ve all seen how long-lived  gladiator sandals  are, like our AVA style, which we have available here at Shoesdays. But concentrating on the not-so-high-and-mighty and the cute little lace-ups wefind that this style is worn all over the world.  One great example is keeping high hemlines and wearing suede high-waisted shorts or wearing them with A-line mini dresses.

 dress up your shoes with a cute skirt


Xena so far has come across sassy, stylish and with a bit of history too. What about that chunky beautiful block heel. Compared to sister stiletto, block heels are inspired by the 1970’s and are comfortable due to the square shape with thin soles.  Yep, that’s right; we can now walk with high heels in complete confidence. No more heel tips getting stuck in tight unwanted places.


So is it going to be black suede or nude suede? How about both?


xena black and nude lace up sandals



To be or not to be….???