#Shoecrush: Creepers April 04 2016

April fast approaches and we spot some new trends on the vast majority of celebrities walking the streets of LA (Los Angeles). I’m pretty sure you are on top of updating your online baskets in preparation for summer because I know we are!

The RIHANNA CREEPER was definitely a big deal and the style icon has once again managed to keep this trend intact. It’s like the time Rihanna tweeted herself wearing a pair of headphones and they promptly sold out. When I say promptly, they sold out in 24 hours. It’s evident that there’s a lot more to look forward to when it comes to footwear worn by Rihanna.


Feeling like you missed out? Don’t worry; we are here to soothe the pain by providing you girls with our version. They are some sort of Holy Grail and the choice between the black and tan or plain black in a tough one.


Just like we all suffer from writer's block, now and then we also find something we love and just can’t seem to make it work against our personal style. No worries, we’ve got it all covered for you. From your go-to outfits to your going out outfits all freshly hand-picked by your favourite celebs and bloggers.



Khaki bomber jackets are everywhere and we personally think this is one trend that won’t fade. No criticisms but love.

Shop the look? Shop the creepers





















The effortless look is easily achieved. Grab a hold of your nearest oversized jacket and pair it up with a crop top and distressed shorts.
Too cold? Distressed jeans will do the job. 













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